Late Summer Cleanse is Just Around the Corner....


Hey, hey, hey!

I am very excited to announce that the Late Summer Cleanse is kicking off in September, and there are some amazing options for you to dig deep this time around.

I am partnering with Sweethome Teacup and North Portland Yoga to compliment the cleanse with some thoughtful movement. If you are a total yogi and up for a challenge, you want to take on the 10 day yoga immersion. For those of you newer to yoga or cleansing, you will love the gentle home practice Sweethome will craft with you. See below for more details about all of the options available for YOU!

Here's the skinny, if you want to shake things up:

  • shed some weight (physical - emotional - spiritual)
  • feel more in control (so you have more energy to let loose)
  • and generally feel more banging in your bod (um, who doesn't)

---then let me tell you about the S E E D cleanse.

The  S E E D cleanse  has the S E E D way at it's core:

Simplify | Eat Authentically | Elevate Consciousness | Delight in what could be...

For 10 days you will rock those ideas as you:

  • Simplify your days, your diet, your consumption habits
  • Clean up your eating by enjoying abundant amounts of seasonal fresh fruits and veggies
  • Give the digestive system a well-deserved break
  • Re-energize the elimination organs to kickstart the metabolism for more vitality throughout the day
  • Notice what makes you feel GOOD and create more time for that!
  • Practice patience, kindness and gratitude (with creativity and humor)
  • Feel empowered that you know best when it come to nourishing your body, clearing your mind and rocking your soul!

What’s Included:

  • Two hour pre-cleanse chat introducing the Late Summer cleansing practices
  • Lifestyle tips including what you should be doing while cleansing—to get the biggest bang for your buck
  • Cleanse Program Manual  with daily checklists and seasonal, cleanse appropriate recipes
  • Meal and batch cooking plan ideas
  • Seasonal grocery shopping list
  • Cleanse supply pack including cleansing tools, herbs, spices, salts, teas, essential oils, supplements and more
  • Guided liver and colon cleanse
  • Recommendations for organic fresh pressed juices (for 3 day juice feast)
  • Tips for transiting back into “the real-world”--without losing your cool
  • Unlimited email support from me!

You Can Expect:

  • To feel lighter--in your body, mind and spirit
  • Have more natural energy
  • Clearer skin and brighter eyes
  • To be more in-tune with your personal sense of nourishment
  • Experience a renewed sense of clarity and peace
  • To lighten up and focus in as Autumn approaches

Can't wait to start? Pick the option that is best for you!

Late Summer Cleanse + Yoga Immersion with Sweethome Teacup

Take your cleanse experience to the next level with 10 days of early morning yoga practice!

  • Pre-Cleanse kick-off for registered participants on September 13th 1:30-3:30p.m. at North Portland Yoga: 55 NE Farragut, Portland, OR 97211
  • 10 Day cleanse begins September 14, ends on September 23rd
  • In the middle, a 3 Day Juice Fast: September 18th -20th
  • PLUS the cleanse will be partnered with a thoughtfully  appropriate yoga class 6:30-7:30 every morning, September 14-23rd, led by Sweethome at North Portland Yoga

Cost: $225 per person. To register Contact Denise Here.

Late Summer Cleanse + Home Yoga Practice Demonstration by Sweethome Teacup

This large group cleanse will leave you feeling extra supported and connected to your fellow cleansers. Plus, you will have the opportunity to learn a short and sweet practice to compliment your daily cleanse routine. This is a fantastic option for those that are new to yoga or cleansing (or those that are not ready for the full-blown yoga immersion option.)

  • Pre-Cleanse kick-off for registered participants on September 19th 1:30-3:30p.m. at North Portland Yoga: 55 NE Farragut, Portland, OR 97211
  • 10 Day cleanse begins September 21, ends on September 30th
  • In the middle, a 3 Day Juice Fast: September 25th -27th
  • PLUS a cleanse appropriate home yoga practice will be created for the group and demonstrated by Sweethome Teacup.

Cost: $150 per person. To register Contact Denise Here.

Late Summer/Autumn Cleanse -- 1 on 1 or Small Group

Want to participate in the cleanse with a small group of your friends? Or would you prefer a private cleanse experience? We can do that too!

You create the group and the meeting place, and I will  guide you through the cleanse packet and what to expect.

Late Summer/Autumn Cleanse will be available September - December.

Please contact me below for more details!

Cost: $125 per person. To register Contact Denise Here.