Immuni-Tea + Kick Ass Tips to Stay Tip-Top this Season


This time of year I am all about drinking simple delicious teas, all day long. My very favorite thing, is a day spent at home with some of this tea simmering on the stove, warming up the place in a steamy + delightful  way.  Plus, it smells so great. This stuff is fantastic to sip all day long, hot or room temp.

Plus it is packed with super foods for wellness. You could switch it up with some of your wintertime favorites, but I try to keep these ingredients cooking on the regular, because they do wonders to make you feel good!


Ginger is anti-inflammatory, which allows your body to protect itself from disease. Ginger also helps aide in digestion by stoking those fires, and heats you up by boosting your circulation. Ginger is also incredibly soothing to tummies upset by over-indulgence, or flu bugs.


This powerful natural medicine has long been used in the Chinese and Indian systems of medicine for it's anti-inflammatory benefits, which help to relieve the body of aches and pains in the muscles and joints.


Lemons are alkalizing, detoxifying superstars. Lemons and limes are both high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that strengthen the immune system and cleanse bad bacteria from your stomach and kidneys. 


Spicy, delicious, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and high in manganese and vitamin k--cloves are a great addition to teas and cooking this time of year. Plus--cloves have an amazing aroma that inspires coziness (and nostalgia!)

The Tea:

Immuni-Tea + Kick Ass Tips to Stay Tip-Top this Season
Author: Denise
  • 1 inch sliced ginger root
  • 1/2 inch sliced turmeric root
  • 1 Tablespoon pepper corns
  • 1 Tablespoon cloves
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • A few lemon slices (with peel removed if lemon is not organic)
  • Water
  1. Boil it up and serve with honey. Delicious, nutritious and smells lovely.
  2. **If you like medicinal mushrooms, turkey tails would be a great addition, as would chaga. Both of these mushrooms do wonders to boost immunity!

More Immunity Boosting Tips:


In the winter, most of the natural world slows down, and so should we.  Curiously, winter time seems to be a time when us human animals run ourselves ragged with work, social obligations, holiday festivities, travel, shopping and the stress that goes along with all of that jazz. It can be hard to slow down and give your body the rest it craves when our culture wants us to go go go all the time. Keeping us detached from nature's natural rhythms is a huge boost for the capitalistic machine. I say--don't fall victim! You can show them all by getting some sweet, delicious sleep. Gobs of it. 8 hours a night (at least)  is especially important this season. Do what you can to rest when you need!


Getting a 30 minute walk, most days, will help keep the immune system strong. Bonus if you walk in the sunlight, the added vitamin D boost will do wonders for you health. 

Avoid sugar.

It’s a killer and it tends to be  e v e r y w h e r e   during the holiday season. So, do what you can to reduce your sugar intake by being conscious of the amount of sweets you are popping.  Take a beat before you grab that candy, cookie, cake at your co-workers desk and ask yourself, "Do I really want to eat this?" Chances are, there are plenty of times that the answer will be "NO!" So drop the goodie and be proud of your choice. 

Eat colorful fruit and vegetables.

Instead of sweets, fill your diet with fresh fruit and vegetables. Those loaded with vitamins C, A, E, Betacarotene, and Zinc are especially helpful to the immune system. Look for colorful fruit and veg to get those beautiful vitamins and nutrients. Think orange carrots, winter squash, and sweet potatoes. Deep garnet colored pomegranates. Rich purple cabbage. And dark green leafies, always...

Reduce Stress.

Stress is also a killer. Stress is guilty of systematically sabotaging your immune system by disturbing your sleep, distracting your fitness routine, and encouraging you to turn to caffeine and sugary sweets to get through the day. Stress will weaken your overall system leaving you more susceptible to infections and disease. So prioritize ways to manage stress this season.

      A few ideas:

  • Meditate: Deepak Chopra and Oprah have a 21 Day meditation series happening online right now, and it is free. The daily guided support can offer a big boost to your budding meditation practice. 
  • Find ways to lighten your load: say NO, ask for help
  • Connect with people: support systems support your whole body, find ways to connect with people that juice you up!
  • Exercise: a simple walk, ideally in fresh air and natural light, will do wonders to lower your stress levels. 
  • Laugh! Seriously, find ways to laugh--daily! 

I hope you find these tips helpful! Feeling good is so important if you want to SHOW UP in this world.

Make your tender health a priority this season.