Gathering # 1: D.C. Birthday, A Linfieldian Affair


Gathering number one! It was the first real spring like day in Washington D.C. and what better way to celebrate than to gather a bunch of Linfield Alum for a delicious healthy picnic.  Oliver and I traveled to DC to celebrate the birth of a dear friend as well as take in a cherry blossom or two.

Conversation meandered from from short shorts, the invention of debt, eating for energy, and  “the good ol’  Linfield days”. Not to mention the handful of oddities to be observed in the park: music makers with loads of bling, amateur acrobats scaling park walls, and a suspicious group celebrating an “engagement party”. Needless to say, many laughs were had.

Conversation was fueled by a vitality boosting feast. The menu was inspired by birthdays, the inbetweeness of the seasons (a clinging winter meets a barely there spring) and the fact that I would be traveling with said feast and wanting to spend every last minute laughing with the birthday boy!

The Menu:

Roasted Radishes in Balsamic Radishes are already kicking around the farmers market, and birthday boy is a balsamic fan! Boom—a roasty salad that is happy to be made the day before.

Bloody Orange and Beet Salad with Tarragon I knew these two beauties would look like jewelry in the sun—plus beets are still prevalent at the farmers market and citrus is still at its absolute peak right now. I guess a long long winter is good for something.

Baby Greens with Sprouts, Daikon and Fennel — baby greens are banging right now and nothing makes greens feels fresh, clean and springy that sprouts, fennel and the crisp spicy coolness of a daikon radish.

Springy One-Pot Parsley Pesto Pasta  This pup is bursting with spring veggies and a parsley pesto! Plus it is one of those one pot wonder dishes that you can set and forget while drinking champs with your buds!

The Chocolate Enigma Tart Nothing says "celebration" like a rick chocolatey (healthy!) pie. You’ll have to click to the link to see the enigmatic ingredient list!

The days was a delight, we swooned over food and laughs and and tootled home sun kissed and soul nourished. And then we went to a super cool roof top toga party. These are the days!


***A million thank you's for the video DC GATHERING by oliver ogden on Vimeo.

***Music by  Arielle Dollinger, "The Dream"