Meditate Babies! Helpful Tools for Practice

Meditate Babies!  Helpful Tools for Practice

Time has been moving so quickly, and more than ever it feels necessary to practice a few minutes of meditation each day. This is a practice that I have been trying to cultivate for years. The days where I meditate, I see that I am more focused, productive and my energy moves more steadily throughout the day - Without fail. But it take s a lot to make this habit stick!!! I have been playing around with some simple tools to help me. Here are some favorites:

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Saa Taa Naa Maa

Building intuition and clarity, one fingertip at a time.


I have been practicing this beautiful kundalini meditation in an attempt to build intuition. Saa Taa Naa Maa translates as infinity, life, death, rebirth. The cycle for all life!

The sounds come from SAT NAM, which means Truth is my Identity. 

To practice, sit in a cross legged position, spine straight, chin down. Close your eyes and focus on the third eye.

With palms facing up,  touch your thumb to each fingertip.

Starting with the pointer finger, and chant - Saa

middle finger -Taa

ring finger - Naa

pinky finger -Maa

Like this:

As you touch your fingertips:

  • chant out loud for two minutes
  • whisper for two minutes
  • silent for four minutes
  • whisper for two minutes
  • then chant out loud for two minutes

Representing going from the outside world-in; then deeper; hanging out down there; then climbing up and out! Back to earth.

While practicing last night I had a S E E D worthy vision!

While chanting Saa-








The lifecycle of a seed!

This made me so glad and kept me focused.

Try it for yourself, it is really a beautiful meditation.

If my illustrations aren’t enough guidance, check out my favorite—Kia Miller, on Yogaglo!