Seasonal Cleansing is a great way to kick start a new healthy habit or to refresh your current healthy lifestyle.

The  S E E D  Seasonal  Cleanse is available three times per year, in S P R I N G , L A T E   S U M M E R and W I N T E R.

The foundations of the cleanse are rooted in Ayurveda and emphasize attaining balance in the body with adjustments to food and lifestyle. The food and plant support is inspired by Functional Nutrition, and investigates the ways that food impacts the function of your body! The whole shebang is woven together with delicious foods, gobs of support, and opportunities to dip into intuition and magic! Balance is achieved by embracing the gifts of the season, and this approach cultivates vitality and healing with ease! 

Expect to explore:

  • Food + physiology: Learn how food effects your unique body! The Winter cleanse focuses on optimal digestion (the root of health and vitality) as well as foods, herbs, and lifestyle practices to support the Nervous System.

  • Wisdom of Ayurveda: We will consider chronobiology and how we can use the cycles of the sun, the moon, the earth and the galaxies to support feeling our best and radiating goodness. We will also dip into the magic of the elements as a way to understand our unique struggles and gifts, and approach a state of balance with ease and grace.

  • Enjoying the Gifts of SPRING!: The foods that are naturally available during spring are nutrient dense, bitter, detoxifying, and help to give our digestive system a good old scrub. Foods are light, bright, liver-loving and fiber-rich. All elements that are nurturing in spring when we naturally want to shed some of the heaviness of winter.

  • Cultivating Upward Energy: This is a time of year to stoke our fires for the sh*t we want to get done! We want to get crystal clear on intentions - and get out there and do it! Springtime is the time of year to plant those seeds, and make space for the bounty of intention to grow!


  • shed some weight (physical – emotional – spiritual)

  • feel more in control of what goes into your body and how you spend your days

  • and generally want to feel more amazing in your one beautiful bod


  • Ease into the cleanse with gentleness and guidance for kicking sugar, gluten, dairy, and caffeine.

  • Learn the art of preparation, and how you can set yourself up for success by meal planning and preparing healthful vital foods in advance.

  • Simplify your days, your diet, and your consumption habits

  • Revitalize your eating habits by enjoying abundant amounts of seasonal plant based meals

  • Give the digestive system a well-deserved break with a 3 day, very gentle, soup and kitchari cleanse.

  • Re-energize the elimination organs to kickstart the metabolism for more vitality throughout the day

  • Notice what makes you feel GOOD and create more time for that!

  • Practice patience, kindness and gratitude (with creativity and humor)

  • Feel empowered that you know best when it come to nourishing your body, clearing your mind and rocking your soul!


  • Two hour pre-cleanse workshop introducing the foundations of Ayurveda, celebrating the energies of the season, discussing the three Ayurvedic body types (Doshas), and all the details of the daily cleansing practices. Offered via recording so you can dive deep when it's convenient for you.

  • Lifestyle tips including what you can be doing while cleansing—to get the biggest bang for your buck

  • Cleanse Program Manual loaded with cleanse appropriate recipes, meal and batch cooking suggestions, seasonal Dosha balancing grocery list, and daily checklists to keep you motivated and on-track!

  • Tips for transitioning back into “the real-world” with patience and grace — for impactful change

  • Daily emails that guide you through the cleansing process and offer opportunities to take your cleanse experience deeper

  • ***Optional Additional Purchase: Cleanse supply pack including cleansing tools, herbs, spices, salts, teas, tinctures, essential oils, and more (Valued at $65)


  • To feel lighter–in your body, mind and spirit

  • Have more natural energy

  • Clearer skin and brighter eyes

  • To be more in-tune with your personal sense of nourishment

  • Experience a renewed sense of clarity and peace

  • To learn ways to incorporate ease and grace into your daily life, by working with the energy of the season


Denise is an excellent guide through this adventure of becoming more attuned to each of our body’s needs! This cleanse is so well thought out, beautifully presented, and Denise’s style of coaching makes it fun while also feeling well-supported. With concise prompts, she is able to lead others to the heart of their own experience, allowing each person to recognize their own stumbling blocks and then, with a smile and a new found confidence, skip right past them. The outcomes are numerous, but the highlights for me are a transformed relationship with food and a deeper understanding of my own strength. I’ll do this cleanse again for sure and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about themselves and the food around us!
— Jane S.