Good folks. Good foods. Together. 

Isn't that what life's all about?

Monthly I offer a variety of ways to gather with good folks over good foods, to learn, to connect, to ponder, to feel nourished and  to celebrate!  

Below are a few offerings for gatherings--- the best way to get in on the fun is to join my newsletter or check out my Upcoming Events. 



AYURVEDIC SIX TASTES DINNERS: Ayurveda recognizes six tastes: bitter,pungent,  astringent, sour, sweet, and salty. It is believed that every meal should include all six tastes in order to be complete. These tastes also have different energetic properties, and we can use those to balance out an unsavory physical or emotional sensation we may be experiencing. The Six Taste dinner explores these tastes through food and the energetic components are introduced and expanded upon.

FULL MOON FEASTS: The full moon is a time of heightened energy and marks the peek of the lunar cycle. Each full moon has its own cultural significance, folklore and traditions which connect us to time, place, space, foods, each other. What better way to engage with all that lunar energy than to share a seasonal meal with other luminous folks?! Each meal offers an opportunity to connect and to share intentions, stories, poetry inspired by the moon! Look for info on the next Full Moon Feast by checking out my Upcoming Events.