I often get asked, “What does SEED stand for?”

The concept behind seed is two fold. Firstly, I believe that each and everyone of us has the innate ability to restore our health and vitality, in order to thrive in this world. In that way, we share the natural perfection that is a seed. Hidden inside this wondrous little package is all the information it needs to develop into a thriving plant. With the right environment, a bit of patience, and gentle pruning—you will experience that same magic!

Secondly,  S E E D  is an acronym for the way of life that works for me, and what has become the foundation of my coaching practice. From guided seasonal cleanses, to one on one coaching programs, to gatherings around food, health + wellness-- the S E E D approach is present.

The  S E E D  approach:

Simplify: focusing on what matter most, shedding the rest.

Eat authentically: plant based, nutritious, delicious, and kind.

Elevate: consciousness, self-love, creativity, energy–just get higher!

Delight in what could be: celebrating positive shifts, new ideas, inspiring people, curiosity, and play.



  • Taking the time and putting forth the effort to be clear about the things that are most important to you
  • Prioritizing those things over everything else
  • Saying no to things that don’t absolutely energize you!
  • Spending time away from screens, big and small
  • Discover ways to minimize options and brain-drain situations: what to put in your cart, what to wear, clutter in your home, clutter in your schedule
  • Spending less time tempted by things to buy and more time discovering nature, your community, your family
  • Consciously removing clutter and emotionally draining objects from your life and home.


Eat authentically

  • Eating an abundance of colorful fruits and vegetables
  • Eating whole, unrefined, unprocessed seeds and grains
  • Spicing up your life by experimenting with herbs and spices
  • Enjoying high quality fats again!
  • Prioritizing quality over quantity, especially with meats and dairy products
  • Limiting processed foods in your diet
  • Limiting refined sugars inyour diet
  • Enjoying eating and food again! Deprivation and guilt have no place here



Elevate consciousness

  • Prioritizing time, just for you, to re-charge and re-energize
  • Moving your body
  • Having a dance party
  • Spending some time with your journal and a cup of coffee
  • Meditating, the quiet kind or other!
  • Hiking all the way to the top!
  • Taking a long bath with your favorite tunes, and your thoughts
  • Connecting with a friend, old, new or true.


Delight in what could be

  • Trusting your gut, and jumping into a new possibility
  • Rediscovering play!
  • Approaching experiences with a  “yes, and…” mentality
  • Being curious about the world around you
  • Challenging yourself to try something new, meet someone new, ask a hard question
  • Having an open mind, and marveling at the power it can bring
  • Planting a seed, and watching it grow!

Sound good? Want more?

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