Herbal How-To: Immune Support


Herbal How-To: Immune Support


This class is all about using herbs to support the immune system.

This class is led by Denise Pasquinelli and Amy Surface. In it we will explore three different herbal preparations, and three different immune supporting herbs.

This class is hands on, and you will go home with the plant medicine you created! We will be making:
- a tincture
-an herbal infusion
-an herbed syrup

to support you during the winter cold &flu season. We will be playing with rose-hips, elderberry, and thyme.

$33 per person to cover supplies for your take-homes.

Class is Wednesday November 14th from 6:00pm – 8:30pm

Class Located at:

Live Everything Mindful Self-Care Center

1706 D Street

Vancouver, WA 98663


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