Check out some love notes from past clients...

The Late Summer Cleanse + yoga immersion with Sweethome was my first cleanse and first juice fast experience, and it was an amazing, nurturing and supportive one. If you are on the fence, I would encourage you to do it. You’ll learn new ways to cultivate health guided and lovingly supported by two gifted healers. You get to do it in community. You will start out each day with one of Portland’s best yoga teachers in one of the sweetest studios, where the sunrise pours in during your dawn practice.
— Rita J.
I participated in the SEED Late Summer Cleanse with Denise and found it to be an an enlightening and positive experience. Denise guides you on your way with tons of useful information. She has such a wealth of knowledge ready to share. The cleanse workbook packet was a work of art and clearly highlighted important information. Denise was also prompt in her responses to my questions or concerns. So attentive! I’ve tried other cleanses before where I focused only on the food I eat and how it benefits me. However this cleanse forced me to realize how little time I leave myself to digest information, thoughts, ideas, feelings, moments, et al. I am grateful to this cleanse because I had a reason to take my time and savor moments and find stillness.
— Gina S.
Denise is a friendly and helpful guide through a very gentle and sane 10-day cleanse. This helped me disconnect from some unhelpful habits of eating that I had acquired simply from a busy life, and reconnect to my own aspirations to take the time to prepare fresh, nutritious food each week. Denise was so helpful in this process, with encouraging questions promoting deeper reflection, rather than this being any sort of a “weight loss scheme” or anything like that. Denise offers flexibility and support. I would recommend this as a way to add some great habits into your repertoire, and to realistically turn towards healthy food and self-care choices.
— Laura
I did my first cleanse with Denise (or, ever, for that matter!) February 2015. I was feeling low energy, cranky and had put on at least 20 additional pounds in a year that didn’t want to budge no matter what I tried. After the cleanse, I felt like my metabolism was “reset”! I was more mindful of what I put in my body to re-fuel and I had more energy than I have had in quite some time! I started losing weight and continued to steadily lose the excess weight and then some (30 pounds to date!) and, I feel fabulous! I went on to do all 3 cleanses and I am so looking forward to the next series starting in January! I no longer feel like I have to “diet”, instead I just do my best to choose “real” whole food and to get the most healthful bang for my buck with my meals! I used to be addicted to Diet Pepsi, and, I am happy to say, after the first cleanse, it now tastes like poison to me! I feel that way about a lot of foods I used to like...if they are processed or low-cal foods, they just taste awful now. This makes it easy to eat to nourish my body! I highly recommend Denise’s cleanse...she keeps you motivated and is very helpful and supportive the whole way! See you in January!
— Gail Z.
Before this SEED cleanse, my bad habits were ruling my life. Rarely would I sit down and think about what I was eating, let alone think about what it was doing to my body.
Denise provided a platform for change. She has a cleanse plan that works. From the beginning to end, I felt supported and that I could succeed.
After the cleanse, I felt lighter, more energized, and ready to continue on my new path to better health.
— Joe V.
I really loved the opportunity to take care of myself, and pay attention to myself. Denise made that feel important and permitted.
— S.T.
This was the most brilliant cleanse that I have ever done! Most cleanses that I have done left me feeling tired and drained.. and I wasn’t really aware of what was actually going on in my body. This cleanse helped me to see and understand how my body works in a much deeper way. I could see where my body was receiving energy from food instead of generating its own energy. This showed me how dependent my body was on food. As the cleanse went on, I got more and more clarity each day on what foods were actually nourishing me and what foods were giving me a “false” sense of energy that would give me a temporary boost and later leave me depleted.

Simply setting the intention of the cleanse was such a new experience to me as well. I realized that just by the group coming together and choosing to create sacred time to cleanse, my body was able to do some of the deeper inner clearing out even before any of the “food” changes took place. I experienced so many changes in so many areas of my life in such a short period of time that I really feel that this is a cleanse I would recommend everyone do every season to get you back to a space of clear heartedness & clear mindedness so that you can step & move forward in the right direction on your personal dharma path.
— Sam B.
Denise’s program fosters contemplation and provides structure to strive for a healthier lifestyle. Her daily support throughout the cleanse provided me encouragement, wisdom and information that has elevated my life-quest for greater presence of mind.
— Virginia O.
Denise is an excellent guide through this adventure of becoming more attuned to each of our body’s needs! This cleanse is so well thought out, beautifully presented, and Denise’s style of coaching makes it fun while also feeling well-supported. With concise prompts, she is able to lead others to the heart of their own experience, allowing each person to recognize their own stumbling blocks and then, with a smile and a new found confidence, skip right past them. The outcomes are numerous, but the highlights for me are a transformed relationship with food and a deeper understanding of my own strength. I’ll do this cleanse again for sure and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about themselves and the food around us!
— Jane S.
I can honestly say, the Late Summer Cleanse was a really rewarding experience. Not only did I enjoy the process, I learned things I probably never would’ve even taken the time to look at, or think about before. Denise embodies what she is sharing, she is really genuine and great at guiding one through the cleanse, and explaining everything. The information kit she provided was very thorough, and well thought out, even for a novice like myself. I was excited to embark and try the cleanse and I now really enjoy juicing, who knew? I had never done that before. This process opened my mind to thinking about the foods I eat, how I am eating them, and what I could do to help myself to achieve balance, and better health. I’m looking forward to the next one.
— Mary W.
You’re astounding... What a unique and insightful life of foods you introduced me to. I’m forever looking up recipes with your guidelines to prepare. The chick pea snack is my favorite! I was never hungry and was totally satisfied while on your food plan and I loved the support. You are so knowledgable!
— Patti S
The cleanse combined with yoga from Sweethome was exactly what I needed to feel good in my body again. Thank you! It was an inspirational, gentle and focused experience and I look forward to participating again in the spring.
— Annie G.
The late summer cleanse was exactly what I needed to break the bad habits that summer always brings on - i.e., eating late, regular cocktails, too little sleep, etc. Denise provided such great info and support that it felt really easy to move through the ten days. By the end, I felt more energy and clarity and less irritability. I just finished two days ago and have already recommended the cleanse to several friends!
— Allie M
This cleanse really offered me the space and time needed to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life—much needed me time. I had been trying to do this for about five years now and just could never seem to commit. Waking up before the sun was truly invigorating and left me feeling like I had a head start on each day as we welcomed the sun with Sweethome. Rather than feeling lethargic and bitter, I felt strangely uplifted and energized. Even my roommates noticed a good shift in mood despite waiting for the worst. This cleanse truly detoxes all of that yucky stuff built up from years of hitting the prepackaged food section. Yuck. As a gym goer who is trying to put on some muscle, I had suspicions about cutting out meat. With Denise’s awesome ayurvedic daily routine, even the juice/liquid and colon cleanse were very doable. And I still managed to make it through my workouts without feeling faint! Will definitely be back for more! Highly recommend.
— Samantha S